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Meet Clyde…

Goat Simulator 2015

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Don’t Let Me Get Me


Stumbling into their home, she tried to be as quiet as she could. Liza maybe sleeping and she didn’t want to bother her love. As she moved to the bedroom, Brae leaned against the wall as her guide. Slipping almost soundlessly into the room, the redhead made for the bathroom. After changing into her pj’s and brushing her teeth, she poked her head around the door. 

A crook smile graced her lips as caught sight of the brunette. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the ring sitting on the nightstand, but her mind was too hazed that the thought didn’t completely register. Lifting the covers slightly, Brae climbed into bed and cuddled up close to Liza.

"Hello, love~"

Liza was still very much awake when she heard Brae come home. She listened, keeping herself still as the other woman crept quietly through the house, all but silent as she made her way to the bathroom. Bear, sensing her tension, shifted closer to Liza and whined quietly.

She wanted to cry as the redhead slipped into bed and curled up next to her like nothing was wrong. Like she hadn’t been out all night drinking and making Liza worry. Instead, she shifted away a fraction, pulling the blankets tighter around her. “Go to sleep, Braelyn.” She muttered, her voice cracking from the weight of it all. 

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tony-effing-stark said:

; send me ❛ brush ❜ for my character’s reaction to your character running their fingers through my character’s hair.

Liza should have known better than to watch a movie where the main character was an animal, especially around Tony of all people. Granted, he was taking her crying on his shoulder like an idiot incredibly well. “I’m sorry,” she muttered, using the sleeve of her sweater to wipe at her tears as the movie ended. “I’m such a horrible sap when it comes to animals in movies.” Her admission caused her to blush and lean against him further as he continued running his fingers through her hair.

"Thanks for putting up with the water works, though." Liza muttered, sniffling and managing a faint smile.

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send me a “☁” and i will put my itunes on shuffle, pick my favorite line from the first song that comes up and use it for a starter.

Thriving Ivory - Kiss the rain

Keep in mind, we’re under the same sky, and the nights as lonely for me as for you.

Bucky pulled the laptop close to him and hit the skype call button. Outside he heard the lashing of rain and stormy weather, knowing that his connection was low. He had been thinking about her all day. The rain reminding him of their first kiss. And his lips felt lonely without hers on his. He waited patiently knowing that Rosie and Alex were probably asleep, given the time differences that were now between them.

He shuffled slightly, laptop dim in the light so he wouldn’t disturb the other agents sleeping in the room with him.

His face grew into a huge beaming smile as her face flashed on the other end. “Hey,” He said.

His grin grew and he leaned forward, giving a small wave towards Rosie and shifted slightly so the light wasn’t bothering the rest of the sleeping agents. “I miss you too,” He said softly. Scratching behind his ear, he sniffed and made a grumbling noise.

"A couple of boys got shot at today. Clint’s got a nasty broken left femur which had him air-lifted to the shitty hospital 95 miles south of here." He didn’t mention where here was exactly. He wasn’t sure if Liza wanted to know given the places reputation.

And he decided not to mention the fact that he had a bandage around his stomach from where he had been shot. “Been thinking about that time you kissed me first. I forgot you were wearing cherry lip balm.”

Liza listened to him and frowned slightly, twisting her fingers in the sheets as she watched him carefully. She knew there was always a high chance of people getting hurt— killed even, but it didn’t make it any easier hearing about it.

"Will he be okay?" She asked, arching a brow and deciding not to ask where they were. Not yet, anyway. Most of the time he’d either fib, or tell her it was above her clearance level, which was crap. But Liza understood why he did it— to keep her from pulling her hair out with worry. 

He changed the subject, and for that she was grateful, even if it did make her blush and laugh quietly. “Is it raining there, too?” She asked, arching a brow and looking at him again before reaching over to the bedside table for the same lip balm he’d been talking about. “Still wear the same stuff, you know— and I wish I knew why I’d kissed you then. Impulse, maybe. I felt like an ass afterwards, I was so afraid you’d hate me. I’m glad I was wrong.” She admitted, twisting the small tube between her fingers.

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Chris ‘hopeless romantic’ Evans (and his beard)

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; send me ❛ brush ❜ for my character’s reaction to your character running their fingers through my character’s hair.
bonus if you add description!
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If you could pick a different faceclaim for my character who would it be and why?
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-climbing into bed symbol for Tor-



Send me ‡ for my character’s reaction to yours climbing into bed with mine.

Elizabeth hadn’t been asleep yet, but she’d been close when she heard the door to her room open quietly and quickly close again. A quiet sigh left her lips and she pulled the covers up higher, closing her eyes and faking sleep. Until she felt the bed shift and someone slide under the sheets with her. Eyes opened and she panicked for half a second, afraid it was the prince. But when she saw Tor and felt the warmth even from an arm’s length away.

"Tor—" she murmured, shifting just a bit so that she was closer to him, letting his warmth comfort her as it had before she’d been taken. "what are you doing here? You could get in trouble if you’re caught." Elizabeth felt a blush creep into her cheeks as she reached up to brush his hair back from his face.

The chuckle that rumbled out of him was the only sound for a moment as he settled next to her. Once he was comfortable he pulled gently at Elizabeth, trying to get her to curl against him. “I have taken all the precautions, my jewel. You can rest tonight and not shiver from the cold.” Glowing embers from the hearth were the only source of illumination in the room, and the soft glow balanced the intensity of his eyes. This was not where his jewel belonged. She belonged in his castle atop the bed he carefully made for her, being warmed by the heat radiating of his scales as he curled around her. But this will have to do. “Remember in our castle, how you can lay on your bed, even in the dead of winter in just your sleeping gown and not get cold? There was no need for these suffocating blankets.” He murmured and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, continuing his finger’s path down her jaw to her chin, tipping her head up to look at him.

"Soon, we’ll be home again, my jewel. You have been so patient with me." The smile was tender, loving even and it was a smile reserved solely for her. "I cannot wait to take you away from this place. How can I thank you for putting up with my plan even when it causes you distress and pain?" He whispered, leaning closer to her, with no intent to kiss her though the possibility was there. He’d never take such liberties though at times he wanted to, her trust was much more treasured to him than a physical tryst that could leave emotional scars.

Elizabeth took the hint and shifted closer still, curling against his side as she used to do. It made her suddenly very homesick, and the desperation to be away from this place simply grew. “Thank you.” She murmured simply, feeling comforted by his warmth. Listening to his gentle voice, the way the sound made his chest rumble a bit, it made her smile. Especially the memories he was speaking of, they were the only things that’d kept her sane before Tor arrived. “I remember very well… I miss it.” She admitted, a blush creeping into her cheeks as his finger tucked her hair back and ran down her jaw. Her gaze met his, and she was trapped instantly by his bright eyes.

Home… Gods, what she’d give to be there now. Away from this place, from the people who did nothing but turn their noses up at her. Treat her like she was nothing important. “Tor,” she muttered after he was finished speaking, the look in his eyes making her heart skip. Her hand came up to rest on his cheek, and she let her forehead rest against his— not that she didn’t wish to kiss him, but this place had made her so unsure of everything, most of all herself. “just… promise we’ll leave soon? Promise we’ll be okay? I just want to be home and safe again.” She murmured, nose brushing against his as her thumb absently ran across his cheek.

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Send a ♒ and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours!


48: Those pants make your ass look great.

Liza had spent the entire day shopping for new clothes while Loki had gone to the park with Charlotte. It was interesting, really, how quickly she had gotten along with him and how well she took the news at hearing that Loki was her dad. Things couldn’t have been any better than they were now. They were a family.

Later that evening while Loki and Liza were alone in their bedroom, Loki made an attempt at making a humbled request that Liza try on a few of the pants she bought. There was one pair, in particular, that had him burst out saying (before he could stop himself), “Those pants make your ass look great!”


"You!" he laughed. "You always know exactly how to tease me in all the right ways." It was one of those charming qualities she had that he fell in love with. He held on tighter when she began to burst into laughter and buried her face against his shoulder.

"I do too," he agreed when he caught his breath. "But I shall reassure her that I’m here to stay. There are still many tricks I have to teach her!" Plus there were many different kinds of pillow forts that needed to be made. Loki attempted to add the element of illusion to every single one and so far, he was successful.

"Change that right now." As he felt her tug on the hem of his shirt, he finished by pulling it off the rest of the way. He threw it to the side and welcomed her touch which always felt warm against his cool skin. "I love you, too." As soon as her lips met his, he deepened the kiss as his body relaxed a little bit more.

"Good… maybe we’ll sit her down and talk to her tomorrow." Liza smiled brightly at the thought of telling Charlotte about having another baby, about them being a family. She knew their daughter would take it well, after everything that’d happened. It wasn’t like Charlotte was sad to see Mark go, and she was happy when she found out Loki was her father.

A blush crept up her neck as Loki discarded his shirt, her fingers running up his sides and across his shoulders as he deepened the kiss. She let one hand curl in his hair and her legs slide around his waist as she nipped lightly at his lower lip.

Her heart was in her throat, pounding as she pulled away to breathe. “Loki-” Liza whined, arching against him and finding his gaze, her eyes clouded with lust. “I want you, love… please?” She pleaded, lightly tugging on his hair.

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// I found the perfect costume for my kid… now if only we can get her to stick to it until Halloween I’d be so happy

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just-liza said:


With the Christmas party well underway, the last Dragon Enterprises event before those who celebrated Christmas were off for the holiday was going swimmingly. The center of the room boasted a massive live tree decorated to the nines with red, white, and gold ornaments, mirroring the room decor. The Grand Ballroom was filled with life and music and laughter as the open bar, buffet, and music fuelled the evening. Towards the end of the night he’d give a toast and cut his employees loose for the holidays and give them some much needed time off.

He had already greeted his secretaries personally and given them their gifts, tennis bracelets set with their birthstone and diamonds. He’d been caught under the roaming mistletoe, as carried by the photographer for the event, several times and kissed the ladies, and two gentlemen that were feeling a little adventurous, on the cheek. He was certain they were more than a little disappointed that the kiss wasn’t on the lips but he was traditional in that regard and proper manners influenced his actions. He’d been trying to find Elizabeth to give her his gift when he’d been caught by the photographer.

When he saw her he was enchanted for a moment. She looked ethereal and before he realized fully what he was doing he gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. “You look lovely this evening, Elizabeth. May I have a word with you outside? It’ll take just a moment.” It was snowing lightly and cold but it with the noise of people in the ballroom, outside was the quietest place. He offered her his arm, leading her to the door to the terrace that overlooked Manhattan. He swept his overcoat off his chair and slid it over her shoulders. “Just a moment.” He promised.

Once outside he could finally breathe if just for a moment. For a strange reason he wasn’t ready to acknowledge yet simply being around Elizabeth and smelling her perfume was enough to make his head spin in a heady rush at times. “It’s surreal out here isn’t it?” He murmured, walking to the talking and looked out across the city lights. “Oh, I nearly forgot,” he handed her the gold wrapped box with a red bow.

"Merry Christmas, Elizabeth," he murmured and tucked a finger under her chin to tilt her head up. He pressed his warm lips to hers, reveling in the intimate contact for the brief moment it lasted. He pulled away and smiled slightly. "I hope you enjoy your gift, dear one."

The party was gorgeous, even more so than she’d expected. Liza hadn’t been so dolled up in what felt like ages, but it’d been worth it. Several compliments on her dress and just a couple glasses of champagne later, she’d spotted Drakon from across the room getting caught by the photographer, again. It made her smile and shake her head, but the moment she felt his eyes on her, she blushed almost the same color as her dress. It was like he’d crossed the room in only a handful of strides and before she realized what was happening, he was kissing her cheek, making her smile widen.

"You don’t look half bad yourself," she teased, quirking a brow and biting the inside of her lip at his question. Her heart jumped into her throat and she took his arm gratefully, nodding once. "I hope I’m not in trouble, though." Liza smiled, doing her best to hide her nerves, though she knew Drakon could probably read her like a book.

Her fingers closed around his overcoat as he gently draped it over her shoulders, a blush creeping into her cheeks as she glanced up at him. Liza followed him outside onto the terrace, the chill of the evening distracting her as tiny snowflakes landed in her hair and on his coat. She was grateful for its warmth, though, her dress didn’t do much in the way of covering her shoulders. 

When he handed her a gold wrapped box, she looked up at him for a moment and smiled despite her flushed cheeks. “Drakon— you didn’t have to… now I feel bad for not getting you anything,” she muttered, using one hand to hold the box while the other still held his coat. But before she could open it, his finger was under her chin, tilting her face up as he leaned down to kiss her.

Liza’s heart jumped into her throat and her eyes closed as she kissed him back, feeling like the contact could warm her whole body. As he pulled away, a lazy smile curved her lips and she opened her eyes, finding his gaze again. “Y’know, that would have sufficed just fine as a Christmas present… you didn’t have to get me silly material thing—” she’d opened the box as she talked, but when she looked down at the gift, her eyes went a bit wide and she stopped talking for a second. “is… oh my God, it’s gorgeous-“

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My muse has fallen asleep on yours during a movie. How does your muse wake them?


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